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wedge's calculus (dimensioning or verifying)

PeNe (wedges) is a desktop application created for the wedge's calculus (dimensioning or verifying).

It was awarded the second prize at the 2002 Session of Scientific Communication - Technological Engineering Faculty in Brasov (especially for the programming technique).


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Name Category
VMCard Virtual membership cards
RemMon Remote monitoring and control
ISI Automated systems, reservation, invoicing, newsletter
News Automated systems, news, RSS
ConfManager Conference management systems
VMCard - virtual membership card issuing system (UP)
Software development portfolio - web applications - VMCard - virtual membership card
Software development portfolio - web applications - VMCard - adding a new member

This application allows an association to generate virtual membership cards for its members. Virtual membership cards are used (for example, they can be presented on a mobile phone) as an alternative to plastic or other kind of more expensive membership cards.

The system automatically generates these cards for each member added to the database and it offers means for association representatives to send them to the members.

The elements present on the virtual card can be customized according to the association's needs. It can include logos, member identification data, expiration date, security elements, QR codes etc.

RemMon - remote monitoring server application (UP)
Software development portfolio - web applications - RemMon - homepage
Software development portfolio - web applications - RemMon - embedded server

An application for remote monitoring.

The user can receive sensor data and live images from the monitored location, by means of a web browser, anywhere in the world, as long as he has an Internet connection.

This application receives data from the data acquisition components of the system. It stores and serves this data by means of web pages and other formats (useful for mobile applications)

This application is the server part of a remote monitoring system which also includes embedded, desktop and mobile applications.

The second image presents an embedded version of the server application (on a Tower System platform, from Freescale Semiconductor)

ISI - entrepreneurial education program with automatic systems for reservation, invoicing, newsletter etc. (UP)
Software development portfolio - web applications - ISI - reservation
Software development portfolio - web applications - ISI - generated invoice

This project falls in the application category because it includes several automatic systems: a reservation system with automatic availability and price calculation, an automatic email and newsletter system, an automatic confirmation and invoicing system etc.

News - automatic news acquisition and serving system (UP)
Software development portfolio - web applications - News - homepage
Software development portfolio - web applications - News - administration

This application is a fully automated news acquisition and serving system. The intervention of the beneficiary is minimal and consists only of specifying which news sources are desired to be tracked.

Afterwards, the application periodically downloads the news and stores them into a database. The news is served, by means of web pages, to the final users, grouped by news source and the system allows for advanced search functionality.

The application benefits of an administration interface that functions like a desktop application. Thus, the intuitivity degree is increased and the administration work is greatly eased.

Used and distributed by Allview.

ConfManager - conference management system (UP)
Software development portfolio - web applications - ConfManager - paper submisson
Software development portfolio - web applications - ConfManager - paper centralization

A conference management system developed to ease content gathering and event organization.

Current features include participant registration, secure login, paper submission (including comments for the organizers and chairs), easy definition of multiple authors and institutions, as well as initial and full paper uploads.

The backend allows the organizers easy access to all received information and signals comments sent by the authors to them.